Just another Manic Monday

So it’s Monday at the office, I got rained on all the way into work, my headache was back before I even sat down, the carpet still smells (but not as bad) from when the ceiling fell through 2 Fridays ago, the computers in the office all needed to be restarted because of the power outage this last Friday, and I my most recent cartilage piercing is infected.

I didn’t think anything of my newest piercing (acquired on the 4th of July) hurting because it has been so long since I’ve gotten my ears pierced and I’ve never had a cartilage piercing before, so I assumed that it hurt more for a longer period of time, despite the care card I was given saying that it should only hurt for a day or two. Yikes. My ear is swollen and throbs constantly, and IT HURTS. After researching what to do with an infected ear piercing, I have decided that the best course of action is to go home at lunch for some Neosporin, and when I get off work, invest in some salt to make whatever salt scrub was recommended by at least 4 piercing websites. Until then I have been icing my ear (with ice, not frosting) in hopes that it stops feeling hot and that the swelling will go down. Until then, wish me luck!



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