But professor, it’s cold outside

It’s blizzarding outside. No lie. Did any of my professors cancel quizzes? No.

Did any of my roommates’ professors cancel class? Of course.

So here I am, sitting in Jimmy Johns, typing a shit post about my professors that won’t cancel quizzes and are making me go to class. (booooo those hoes) But not really, because there’s really no reason for them to cancel. Everything is cleared off. It’s just really windy and snowy and stuff.

My roommates have been rubbing it in my face for the last few hours about how lucky they are that they don’t have to go to class. Whatever. They clearly just aren’t hardcore enough to deal with the weather. Plebeians. What a bunch of Southerners.

Headed to class now.

Hope your weather is better, and stay safe!





MUSE 250

Just casually typing in class. I know, I know- a total no-no.

Bite me. Just need to tell someone/ something about me and get all of my words out and not be interrupted before I am judged.

Last night I went back to track practice. I’m really trying to get my life back on track- no pun intended- and to do that, I need to have some form of exercise in my life. I was a thrower in high school, so I thought I would go back. I’ve been trying to learn how to high jump, but that’s not going very well. I have not given up on high jump, I just needed to do something that would make me feel less frustrated, and doing something that I already know how to do is the best thing that I could think of. Because it is indoor season still, the only thing to throw to get my frustration out is shot put- not my favorite, but for my purposes, it’ll do.

Now I know some of you are thinking ‘Frustrated? Damn it woman tell me why you’re frustrated!’

It’s homework and stress. I’ve had to deal with some pretty creepy guys around here that won’t leave me alone, or take a hint. I have a TON of homework assigned each night, and it just keeps piling up. I’m sick, and my boss can be a bit of a control freak who likes to get on my case when he’s in a mood, and I am dealing with boyfriend withdrawl. (We go to different schools) I also seem to have run into some financial problems (that I don’t want to share with you guys), and I can’t seem to get my priorities straight on which problem I should deal with first.

All in all, too much stress making me too tightly wound and I have had no outlet for any of it. Which is why I am trying to get back into track.

Thanks for listening guys! I’m sure I’ll have it all figured out soon!




Laundry Downtime


Just a quick update during my Laundry Downtime. (The time when my laundry is being done and I don’t really have anything else to do). Today was pretty uneventful. I actually skipped my first class of the day because I wasn’t feeling too good, but managed the rest of my classes for the day. Today in my stats class, my professor told us to all pretend that we are undergraduate planning starfish. (I am an Urban Planning major, he basically just told us all to be starfish. Whatever the hell that means…) It was an interesting end to the day.

Laundry Talk:

So I’m washing all of my sheets because I don’t want any lingering sick germs hindering me on my road to well-ness, but I’m not quite sure how to wash my comforter. It’s super fluffy and barely fits into my miniscule washing machine. If anyone can think of any good tips to keep it fluffy, that would be EXCELLENT. Right now I’m mostly experimenting. I’m thinking the sheets cycle on the washing machine on cold cycle, then dryer on low until dry, then use the air fluff setting? (not sure what it’s called) With tennis balls. I hear the tennis ball thing works so I might as well try it.

I am on my last load of laundry and my laundry basket is empty for the first time in probably months! Is this rush of excitement and feeling of accomplishment normal for the average college freshman? Do I care? I’m almost caught up! 😀 This afternoon I folded all of my overflowing ‘fold me’ basket. Now I actually have clothes… IN MY CLOTHES DRAWER!!!! Super exciting!

Glad we could have this conversation.

See you guys on the flip side!


In sickness and in health

Hello readers,

It has come to my attention that I really only post when I am sick, or bored. For this I apologize, and will try to remedy. I am not one for routine, and quite honestly, I have horrible habits. As I sit here in my own filth, trying not to worship the porcelain devil that is my very unsanitary dorm toilet at three in the morning, I would like to wish you all a great day, and make no promises to

  1. update regularly
  2. stop using toilets as a seemingly reoccurring theme in my posts
  3. not use this title again. I like it and think it’s clever.

Wishing you all well!


Cushioned Toilet Seats

Fellow period having friends, and others. An ingenious thought has come to mind recently, as I miserably sit on the porcelain throne, menstrating, and reading Shakespeare for an English class. Cushioned toilet seats. Now you can’t tell me these things do not exist, for my grandparents had a few (back in the day and what nots). This is a most strange thought- posed in a strange way as I still have Shakesperian words running through my mind. Bear with me. Imagine that you are having a most painful week, you’re trying to not bleed everywhere, you’re dying on the inside, have an enormous headache- not quite migraine- and you have reading you need to get done. Get a squishy toilet seat, your music player and your reading materials and do it all in the bathroom. You won’t have to worry about sitting in a pool of your own blood, you will be sitting in comfort, bathrooms have great acoustics for your soothing background music, and you can get some quality reading done. The edge of the toilet seat won’t cut into your thighs and force your legs to sleep as you spend an hour on your throne.
Those are all of my awkward thoughts for now.
Good Evening.