Newest ME update

Long time no see!

Okay, it was all my fault. I got so caught up in Spring Break that I didn’t have time to post. But now I am somewhat caught up, as well as super procrastinating because I have so much homework. shhhhhh. We’ll just ignore it for a few while I type this post and try to get caught up on other updates.

I am currently wearing sunglasses in Espresso Royale because I’m sitting next to the window, but it’s really bright out…

Uhhhh let us see here…. NEWS! I bought new plants- cyclamen- and I’m in the process of naming them. I’m not sure how long they’ll last because the weather is going to turn warm soon and cyclamen do better in the cold, but we’ll see.

This weekend Jeremy (the boyfriend) might be coming up to visit! 😀 Aside from that, I plan to go to Holi, a holiday celebrated with lots of paint and colorful dyes, and Sunday I planned to go to Starved Rock with my friend, Natallie, but if Jeremy is going to be in town then we can all go together! 😀

The weekend after that, so in two weeks, I have a train ticket to go see him at school and I’m super excited for that, but until the weekend I’m trying to crack down on studies because finals is right after that! (yikes) wish me luck!

I’m thinking about switching my major from Urban and Regional Planning to… idk. I talk to my councilor tomorrow. But I’m thinking communications. Nothing is final yet, but I do know that I will be taking summer classes to either get ahead in my current major, or get a step up in my new major/ try out other majors. Who knows. No matter what I do, someone is going to be upset with my decision or think it’s really stupid, so fml and move on.

Alright, study break is over!

Catch you all on the flip side, or whatever it is you young’uns say these days.