NEW YEAR NEW ME! Is the mantra the week before, and after New Year Eve, right? Well this year, as every year, I hope to abide by it and start on this blog type thing that in reality- only my boyfriend will read and judge me for (perfectly OKAY by me because I could care less if this goes public). This will be-hopefully- my way of staying on track this year! I cannot and will not promise scheduled updates, but I can and will promise to TRY.

For me, this may be more of a planner of my hopes, dreams, accomplishments, the horrors of my daily life, and the on-goings around me. My afore mentioned boyfriend should note that he will be in here. A LOT, most likely. I do not expect it to make sense to anyone, and would be a bit worried if it did.

For you, hopefully if you take the chance to muddle through all of the events and encounters of my life, I hope you manage to find some form of enjoyment from this- be it a good laugh at my expense, or just something to kill time.

Good luck my dear readers! I will see you all very soon!