In class post: GCL 126b- Sustainability

I am 9 minutes into this class, and I am already struggling to keep my eyes open.

Spring break is drawing nearer! This week, the boyfriend is in town and though I’d rather be spending time with him doing literally anything other than homework, I am in class, trying not to fall asleep in the back corner. HOWEVER! All of my classes have been canceled on Friday, so as soon as my online class is over tonight I will be class free from then till the end of break! (Unfortunately however, I still have work on Thursday for six hours, starting at 9 am *cries*.)

More about my online class! Monday was my first class and it’s a class of over 300! Everyone is pretty funny, so I hope the class stays interesting.

Shout out to those who voted! Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about presidential candidates, so I do not feel comfortable enough to vote, sorry to let you down, America. As soon as I am less busy I will jump on the bandwagon and learn as MUCH as I can about our candidates, but until then, I am stuck in the downward spiraling, rage-filled, spiral-funnel-thing of homework.

Wow. I am SUPER hungry, but as I am still in class, I am SOL )’:

As soon as I am out of here, I’ll be meeting a friend at Espresso to prove to him that extra chocolatey hot chocolate is delicious and totally not childish. Can’t WAIT for foooood!!!! #SoHungry


(Update: Ben cannot handle extra-chocolaty hot chocolate, and I can eat a full Jimmy Johns meal (sandwich, drink, cookie, the works), a loaf of cheap JJs bread, a scone, a large hot chocolate, and still be hungry for dinner)


Pi Day

Just realized that today is Pi Day.

Happy Pi Day everyone!

Hope you all eat pie and stuff.

Here is some Pi(e) for your enjoymentPi_pie2


Daylight Giving


Late night last night, or rather, early morning?

I was awake until about 4:30 am- it was rough. Daylight Savings is kind of kicking my ass right now, and it may take a while for my sleep schedule to get back on track.

Right now I’m still a bit behind on my homework, but I’m trying my best to not fall FURTHER behind. Wow. That would stress me out to the max. Next week is Spring Break and I want to be all caught up on homework so that I’m not stressed while sitting on the beach, and I also don’t want to haul my backpack through security and all the way to Florida. Baggage costs extra for two of my four flights so I’m going to be carry on the whole way- so packing light!

This week my boyfriend is in town and I want to spend time with him, but I can’t because, well, homework. However, this week I don’t feel too bad because one of his friends from college came back, so they’re spending a lot of time together. (I just went to his place to steal the WiFi- my roommates brought over all of their friends again and the WiFi has gone to crap.)

I am on the hunt for another pair of workout shoes, as mine are all worn out ( a frequent occurrence as I am horrible to my poor shoes). I have gone all over town and I just cannot find a pair that I like- that is in my size. *sigh*

Alright, I’ve got to go do college things.



Study Break

Hello all!
Writing to you from Espresso Royale on the corner of 6th and Daniels, one of my favorite locations! The baristas here are SO great and always open for a conversation when it’s late and there aren’t any customers to take care of and such.

So I was working on a project the other day and I go to turn it in, only to see that the professor has changed the prompt for it, and it now has a 2-3 page limit! (not too bad, I know, but I was still mad.) He also added that images are required, so I do the thing any other good college student would do. I add a whole page of images and cite them, making the bibliography a whole other page.

I’m starting to fall pretty far behind on some of my homework, so I should get off and start working on it.

Wish me luck



Laundry Downtime: Muffin Loafs

Pretty dreary day here at UIUC, but I’d say that I’m in a pretty good mood! 😀

The weather is cool enough that I can open windows and doors and cool off the apartment without my roommates bitching about it. (My roommate that keeps turning up the heat and making me sick because she doesn’t know how to use the thermostat, and doesn’t understand the concept of wearing anything other than shorts in Illinois. She’s from California, and every time she changes the temperature, she’ll bump it up to about 76 (everyone else in here prefers it at 72 or below) and then, because she didn’t set it to the correct setting, in the middle of the night, it will drop to 68. ) Anyhow! She’s annoying and I don’t like her. BUT I DO LIKE MUFFINS! 😀

I was on my way to my Brit Lit class and I saw my mom! She works in the same building that my class is in, so I got to walk with her from my parking deck to class.

During class I ended up falling asleep. I felt bad, and my professor called me out on it, but he laughed it off.

I really think I’m getting the hang of WordPress! I’ve recently branched out and started using tags, and I hope to soon consider the use of the categories! In two weeks (actually, about a week and a half) I will be traveling to Florida to see my Grandma Selby for a few days! This will be the first time that I will have flown alone. So nervous!

I am currently making a blueberry muffin loaf as a way of experimenting with cooking recently. That’s really all I have to say about that. OH! But this time, instead of draining the blueberries, I just dumped it all into the batter. I’ve done this in the past because I like how it all turns blue, and I usually decrease some of the water, but this time I didn’t, so I guess we’ll just have to see how it turns out!


Study Break

Study Break!

I can’t say that I’ve been studying nonstop since I’ve arrived at Espresso, because unfortunately my groups and I have to communicate using Facebook, which is one form of social media that I have gotten back into, and therefore could not resist posting when I had the perfect opportunity. In my defense however, they are short posts so they didn’t take long to type so it wasn’t TOO big of a distraction.

Tomorrow my roommate Lindsey and I are going to Zootopia, and I’ll be asking my sister if she wants to come as well in the morning. I am really excited to see this movie! I just really wished that the later times were cheaper (by later I mean 10pm and after). I prefer going to the later times- especially to more ‘kid oriented movies’- because not very many people usually show up, making for the ideal theater experience. However, I am a broke college student and the matinees are cheaper, so we will be attending the 1:55 showing of the film.

I must have had horrible sleeping posture last night as my neck/shoulder region are in PAIN.

I really hope to get all of this studying done soon so that I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow! Wish me luck!

I have a LOT to catch up on 😥

However, it is my own fault. See you guys later!



Good afternoon!

I didn’t get to bed until about 5:30 this morning, and woke up at around 9.

My roommates have been eating all of my Ketchup, and we are out of aluminum foil. I refuse to get both of those things for the room as I already do all of the dishes, they don’t seem to respect any of the stuff we share, and I’m broke.

I’ve been cranky all week, so I’ve decided that I need some alone time.

Later I will be going grocery shopping, and to Espresso Royale to study. It’s really nice outside so maybe they’ll have their outdoor tables set up, or I’ll get a window seat.

See you all later!



Hey guys,

I’m probably going to mess around with the settings a lot over the next few posts, so please bear with me as I try to find a font, size, and background/ color scheme that really matches the content of this blog.

Thanks for your patience!


Laundry Downtime

It’s 3:20 in the morning. I am still awake, and doing laundry.

Work has officially screwedup my sleep schedule. I will work for about 6 hours, come home, and immediately take a nap.

I try SO hard to not fall asleep, but clearly it’s not working.

Today I took a 4 hour nap, starting at 4, on the couch. My back really hurts as a result.

Earlier this evening I also visited the boys across the hall. I took Alex’s scooter for a joy ride, and tried to do one of my old tricks- on their hardwood floor. I fell on my ass and now it really hurts too. Suffice to say that I will be getting close and personal with my heating pad, Gerald (his name changes almost daily because I can’t remember it) tonight.

Last story for the early morning, is Annoying Andrew. This boy gets on my last nerve. Today in class, he showed up late, and out of all the open seats in the room, he decided to sit next to me. ME. I wanted to cry. He smelled horrible today. He needs to learn the functions of a shower. Now, I would like to apologize for shit talking this ‘poor’ boy who you all have no background on. Annoying Andrew has been a leech on my side since the day we met at the campus tour. He asks me unnecessary and personal questions (which makes me REALLY uncomfortable), stands way to close to me for comfort, never checks the syllabus, has no personal hygiene, and asks me about things that he would know if he paid attention in class. Overall, he makes me very uncomfortable. I have had my share of creepy classmates, and this guy hits pretty close to the top of the list. It is hard to avoid him because we share a major, meaning we also share GEN EDs, and because my major only has about 21 people in it, unfortunately I will be seeing more than I would care to of Annoying Andrew over the next few years.

I am sorry for bitching about Annoying Andrew in such a harsh way, but he really gets on my nerves, and I don’t like him.




Happy Unofficial!

For those of you who are blissfully unaware, unofficial is the Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day celebrated here, at the University of Illinois. I believe this is its 20th anniversary. Today is a whole day dedicated to wearing green and getting unnecessarily drunk. ALL DAY. As a townie, today is the day that everyone in town avoids campus. We all make sure that we have enough milk to last the weekend, we go to work/ school, then come straight home. Nothing in between.

This year, I am holing myself in my dorm room instead of going to one of my friends’ hot tub parties. (Horrible planning in my opinion)

I’ve spent this afternoon taking a  midterm, making muffins with my oven that won’t preheat to save a life, and at one point, I laughed at my roommate who decided to make Jello shots- without knowing how to make Jello in the first place. It wasn’t until about 3/4 of the way through her Jello making that I decided to tell her that there are instructions on the Jello box.

She struggled through the Jello shots, but unable to wait for the Jello to harden, she decided to make a margarita. Now, I am a bit of an alcohol virgin. I’ve tried a few different types once or twice, but I’ve hated it each time. My roommates however, are determined to make an alcoholic out of me and are continuing to offer me different types of alcohol, but only every once in a while. I am trying to be open to a lot of different things and have the ‘whole college experience’ or whatever. ANYHOW, Alyssa, my roommate making all of this alcohol, makes a margarita because she wants more immediate results, and she’s feeling the alcoholic spirit. She has been grilling me on the different types of alcohol I’m willing to try or want to try, and she offers me a sip of her margarita. I agree. She pours some into a different cup- way more than just a sip- and sets it on the table, leaving the room with a “You can try it, you can throw it out- I don’t care. It’s up to you now.”

I sit and contemplate the drink. It doesn’t smell horrible, I guess. As I think, one of my other roommates comes in and asks me about my day and such. At some point Nikki asks what I have, and I say “some of Alyssa’s margarita. I’m trying it. ” at which point I take a sip, make a face and promptly spit it back into the cup- right as Alyssa walks out of her room.

I feel sort of bad for not liking her alcohol, but at the same time, I don’t, because it’s just not my thing.

To get the horrible taste out of my mouth I shove a whole muffin into my mouth, nearly choking.

They all laughed at me.

I will be in my room reading for the rest of the day out of disgust for this ‘holiday’, and for the pleasure of it finally being the weekend.

Have a good one guys!