Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

WARNING: I WILL GIVE YOU WARNING IF I AM ABOUT TO GIVE A SPOILER!!!! Make sure to read the warning headers. Some might consider it a spoiler, some might not- but I’m not taking chances.

Now, I HATE people who spoil movies for me. I don’t like watching more than one trailer for a movie because I’m afraid that they will give away the whole movie in one trailer (or that all of the funny parts of the movie will all be in one trailer- it’s happened before. I was upset). But let me tell you that GotG2 was SO GOOD.

I was originally a little nervous about seeing this movie because the last movie I saw in theaters was Beauty and the Beast with Nat in Florida on our Spring Break trip and I threw up afterwards because I got motion sick from all of the spinning. And not even just the ballroom scene- the whole damned movie felt like it was filmed on a roller coaster. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the movie! it was a good movie! I just- with all the spinning- and food doesn’t taste good twice- it was a less than magical experience.

Anyways, back to the GotG2. Mom took me to see it on Saturday (and might have taken Leah to see it again on Sunday), and we both agreed that it was an amazing movie.


WARNING: I talk about how I feel about the character arches and misspell names



My Dad had listened to the radio earlier that day and was repeating what the talk-show hosts had said about what they had thought about Guardians of the Galaxy 2. One had said that the whole movie was about Groot, and I could not disagree more. I thought that everyone had their own thing and got pretty equal screen time.

Peter had his daddy issues, Gomorra had the feelings for Peter, Drax had the thing with Mantis lady, and Rocket had the thing about friendship and stuff (yes, I know how vague that was but I don’t really want to spoil it, and those who have seen the movie know what I’m talking about).


WARNING: Only kind of a spoiler and is in no way important to the plot line whatsoever.




THEY PUT A ZUNE IN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think any of you understand how excited I got when I was watching the movie and I saw that they mentioned the Zune and how popular it was on Earth which only made me laugh really hard because besides me, I’ve only known two other people to know what a Zune is (my cousin Jay (think he goes by James now?) and my friend Eliza- who got ecstatic when she found out I had a Zune because we were able to play games and stuff together). The Zune is an MP3 player that Microsoft made to compete with the Ipod. Obviously it didn’t do as well because not very many people know what it is, and the software for it is out of date and Zunes are no longer in production. I am aware that it was a drag on the Zune, but I laughed when I Googled ‘Zune’ later after the movie and saw how widely searched it was because of its reference in GotG2.


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