In class post: GCL 126b- Sustainability

I am 9 minutes into this class, and I am already struggling to keep my eyes open.

Spring break is drawing nearer! This week, the boyfriend is in town and though I’d rather be spending time with him doing literally anything other than homework, I am in class, trying not to fall asleep in the back corner. HOWEVER! All of my classes have been canceled on Friday, so as soon as my online class is over tonight I will be class free from then till the end of break! (Unfortunately however, I still have work on Thursday for six hours, starting at 9 am *cries*.)

More about my online class! Monday was my first class and it’s a class of over 300! Everyone is pretty funny, so I hope the class stays interesting.

Shout out to those who voted! Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about presidential candidates, so I do not feel comfortable enough to vote, sorry to let you down, America. As soon as I am less busy I will jump on the bandwagon and learn as MUCH as I can about our candidates, but until then, I am stuck in the downward spiraling, rage-filled, spiral-funnel-thing of homework.

Wow. I am SUPER hungry, but as I am still in class, I am SOL )’:

As soon as I am out of here, I’ll be meeting a friend at Espresso to prove to him that extra chocolatey hot chocolate is delicious and totally not childish. Can’t WAIT for foooood!!!! #SoHungry


(Update: Ben cannot handle extra-chocolaty hot chocolate, and I can eat a full Jimmy Johns meal (sandwich, drink, cookie, the works), a loaf of cheap JJs bread, a scone, a large hot chocolate, and still be hungry for dinner)


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