MUSE 250

Just casually typing in class. I know, I know- a total no-no.

Bite me. Just need to tell someone/ something about me and get all of my words out and not be interrupted before I am judged.

Last night I went back to track practice. I’m really trying to get my life back on track- no pun intended- and to do that, I need to have some form of exercise in my life. I was a thrower in high school, so I thought I would go back. I’ve been trying to learn how to high jump, but that’s not going very well. I have not given up on high jump, I just needed to do something that would make me feel less frustrated, and doing something that I already know how to do is the best thing that I could think of. Because it is indoor season still, the only thing to throw to get my frustration out is shot put- not my favorite, but for my purposes, it’ll do.

Now I know some of you are thinking ‘Frustrated? Damn it woman tell me why you’re frustrated!’

It’s homework and stress. I’ve had to deal with some pretty creepy guys around here that won’t leave me alone, or take a hint. I have a TON of homework assigned each night, and it just keeps piling up. I’m sick, and my boss can be a bit of a control freak who likes to get on my case when he’s in a mood, and I am dealing with boyfriend withdrawl. (We go to different schools) I also seem to have run into some financial problems (that I don’t want to share with you guys), and I can’t seem to get my priorities straight on which problem I should deal with first.

All in all, too much stress making me too tightly wound and I have had no outlet for any of it. Which is why I am trying to get back into track.

Thanks for listening guys! I’m sure I’ll have it all figured out soon!





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