Cushioned Toilet Seats

Fellow period having friends, and others. An ingenious thought has come to mind recently, as I miserably sit on the porcelain throne, menstrating, and reading Shakespeare for an English class. Cushioned toilet seats. Now you can’t tell me these things do not exist, for my grandparents had a few (back in the day and what nots). This is a most strange thought- posed in a strange way as I still have Shakesperian words running through my mind. Bear with me. Imagine that you are having a most painful week, you’re trying to not bleed everywhere, you’re dying on the inside, have an enormous headache- not quite migraine- and you have reading you need to get done. Get a squishy toilet seat, your music player and your reading materials and do it all in the bathroom. You won’t have to worry about sitting in a pool of your own blood, you will be sitting in comfort, bathrooms have great acoustics for your soothing background music, and you can get some quality reading done. The edge of the toilet seat won’t cut into your thighs and force your legs to sleep as you spend an hour on your throne.
Those are all of my awkward thoughts for now.
Good Evening.



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